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The River Ebro offers some of the best specimen fishing in the world.

Hard fighting common carp to over 60 pounds, beautiful fully scaled mirrors, massive zander and the huge Wells catfish which are increasingly coming out at weights well over 200 pounds, the Ebro has it all !!!


For the 2013 season you will be legally allowed to 24 hour fish within certain zones, this is the first time ever this has been allowed and is sure to put more fish on the bank!!

Carp FishingCat Fishing

Carp Fishing

Whether you are after large hauls of medium sized fish or the huge specimen common carp that the Ebro holds (a fish of a life time) our guides know the areas that are likely to produce throughout the seasons. Huge weights are common with 30 and 40 pound fish a regular occurrence.

We also fish some of the huge holding reservoirs, which can be fantastic sport. Many clients smash there “PBs” many times a week. Year upon year Ebro Folly Angling catch more big carp than our nearest competitors!

Cat Fishing

Pellet style

Pellet fishing for catfish has seen catch rates dramatically increase and is responsible for many huge fish and multiple catches.
Our guides have been instrumental in introducing pellet fishing to the Ebro’s middle regions. With our knowledge and expertise in this style of fishing be prepared for the fight of your life!

Live baiting

Nothing can be quite as exciting as live baiting, watching a huge float with a live bait bobbing around underneath in anticipation of a take. Boat fishing, drifting through snags or fishing up against the large dams and hydro stations, this is truly predator fishing in the extreme (not for the faint hearted!).

Boats are always available for baiting up and live baiting.